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>Ilson Bressan

Acerca del Speaker

Ilson Bressan

CEO Groupon Latam & Peixe Urbano

. CEO at Peixe Urbano and Groupon Latam (Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru)
. Entrepreneurial profile, leader, and negotiator an extensive background in business management – more than 20 years – and solid academic background.
. Experienced in building high-performance teams and complementary skills, capable of developing people to strengthen the company’s operational capacity.
. Systemic vision of the business and capable of elaborating competitive successful strategies, yet oriented in the perfect execution of the projects to meet the company’s results.
. Data-driven and market-driven oriented, with solid experience in projects of use the information for strategic and tactical decision-making.
. I love innovation projects and market growth in companies and projects that balance the investors and entrepreneur’s interests while generating a positive difference in people’s lives and value to the community.

Participa del evento
Jueves 11 de Abril 2019 @ Centro Parque, Santiago - Chile